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Have birds and nature inspired you throughout your life?
Their future can be your legacy.

Why leave a gift in your Will?

Gifts left to BirdLife have been crucial in helping us accelerate our work in areas of priority. We will invest your legacy wisely so you can be certain it will help us make a real difference for birds, nature and people.

We’ll keep protecting and campaigning for birds and nature across the world, preventing illegal killing, habitat destruction and climate change, but we need help. Could that be your legacy?

Including a gift in your will to BirdLife International is one of the most effective ways to preserve the future of both birds and nature. By acting now you can be sure that whatever problems birds may face in the future, BirdLife will be there to help, and so future generations can continue to be inspired as you have been in your lifetime.

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We’re ready to have a confidential discussion about how your legacy can help wildlife around the globe.

Please be assured that anything we may discuss will be held in the strictest of
confidence, and you will be under no pressure or obligation to support us.

Thank you for considering a legacy to BirdLife.

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