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Together, we can protect birds and nature, so that all life on our planet can flourish. Donate today to protect species.

Donating from USA?

Donate via the Friends of BirdLife International to make your gift tax efficient.

Nature is at a tipping point

There are 1 million species at risk of extinction. More than any other living beings, birds tell us where and how we can make the greatest difference; they’re nature’s early warning system.

Your donation could:

Protect 726 globally threatened bird species through the work of the BirdLife Partnership.

Save 2,000 of the most important sites for nature, including 2 million hectares of the most important rainforests in the world.

Inspire more than 10 million people globally to support BirdLife’s conservation work.

The next ten years are crucial; become part of a worldwide community of people who care about birds and conservation.

Thank you for standing with us, together we’re a force of nature for the planet and the future. 

Donate today

£ 25
could buy two beehives to provide wildlife-friendly income for families in Burkina Faso
£ 50
could help support a rapid response team get to a vulture‑poisoning
£ 100
could insulate an energy pilon to prevent vulture electrocutions in Africa
£ 500
could pay to host an event to raise community awareness of Endangered shorebirds in Asia