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You can help pull a species at risk of extinction back from the brink, by becoming a Species Champion.

As BirdLife’s Preventing Extinctions Programme celebrates its 15-year anniversary, we sit down with Roger Safford, who co-ordinates the Programme, to ask what it takes to bring a species back from the brink.

We urgently need Species Champions for these birds

Fatu Hiva Monarch, BirdLife International, Species Champion
Fatu Hiva Monarch – Critically Endangered
Endemic to the island of Fatu Hiva, this is the most threatened species in French Polynesia and one of the rarest in the world. There are fewer than 20 individuals left, and only four breeding pairs. Living in an otherwise healthy habitat, this species has been decimated by invasive species such as the Black Rat and the Yellow Crazy Ant. Currently, this species has no Champion, and it urgently needs your support.
BirdLife international, Species Champions
Liben Lark – Critically Endangered
Found in Africa, and with just two known populations left, there are only a few tens of Liben Larks remaining. Over the years their main home, the Liben Plain in southern Ethiopia, has seen numerous human pressures in addition to drought and soil degradation leaving only a small fraction of the original grasslands. You could be the Species Champion for this charismatic little bird, one of the most ancient lark species still found today, and help give it a future.
Blue-eyed Ground-dove, BirdLife International, Species Champions
Blue-eyed Ground-dove – Critically Endangered
This beautiful dove remained unseen for 75 years before being rediscovered in 2015. There could be as few as 20 individuals left, in restricted portions of the Cerrado in Brazil. Work is underway to protect the species, grow eco-tourism in the area, and fund a captive-breeding programme. You could join our other Species Champion for this dove and give it the boost it needs to survive.
Hooded Grebe, BirdLife International, Species Champions
Hooded Grebe – Critically Endangered
When discovered in 1974, Hooded Grebes probably numbered 3,000-5,000 individuals, breeding in remote lakes in the spectacular plateaux of Patagonia. This species now numbers around 750, and when breeding they face various impacts from invasive American Mink and Kelp Gulls. Climate change and extreme weather have reduced the number of lakes available to them and sometimes prevented successful breeding. You could join our other Species Champions to support the colony guardians and other work to save the Grebe from extinction.

Become a Species Champion

Our Species Champions help fund action for specific globally threatened birds as well as the international science, conservation, policy, advocacy and communications that underpin our work to prevent bird extinctions. Species Champion support starts at £25,000/$30,000 per year for a minimum of three years. 

Find out more about how to become a Species Champion by completing this form, or emailing [email protected]  

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BirdLife Species Champions

Peter Eerdmans
BirdLife Species Champions for Cerulean Paradise-flycatcher since May 2018
Richard Heaver
BirdLife Species Champion for Black-bellied Tern since March 2021 and Bengal Florican since April 2022
Steve Martin
BirdLife Species Champion for Giant and White-shouldered Ibises since October 2012
Ben Olewine
BirdLife Species Champion since August 2007 and for Hooded Grebe since May 2019
The Peter Smith Trust
BirdLife Species Champion since September 2008 and for Helmeted Hornbill since August 2018
Bruce Peterjohn
BirdLife Species Champion for Blue-eyed Ground-dove since March 2022
reissing family, species champions, birdlife
The Reissing Family
BirdLife Species Champion for Blue-billed Curassow 2008-2010, and for the Fatu Hiva Monarch since April 2023
Rockjumper Birding Tours
BirdLife Species Champions since 2007, and for White-winged Flufftail since March 2017
Steve and Britt Thal
BirdLife Species Champions for Hooded Grebe since May 2019
Swarovski Optik
BirdLife Species Champion for Sociable Lapwing since August 2008 and Canada Warbler since June 2013
Per Undeland
BirdLife Species Champion for Great Indian Bustard since January 2013
BirdLife Species Champion for Northern Bald Ibis July 2017-December 2020 and for Spotted Greenshank since 2021

Notable Supporters of the Species Champion programme 

Anthony Baker 
Preventing Extinctions supporter since January 2019 
Cover Story 
Preventing Extinctions supporter since August 2013 
Arjan Dwarshuis 
Preventing Extinctions supporter since October 2015 
Peter Herkenrath 
Preventing Extinctions supporter since August 2017 
The Mackinnon Family 
Preventing Extinctions supporters since December 2011 

Partnership for International Birding 
Preventing Extinctions supporter since August 2017 
Colin Shields 
Preventing Extinctions supporter since June 2008 
The Webster Family 
Preventing Extinctions supporter since June 2017 
Noel & Hilary Woodhead 
Preventing Extinctions supporter since June 2011

Previous Species Champions 

American Birding Expo 
BirdLife Species Champion supporting Hooded Grebe January 2015 – December 2017 
Blue Sky Wildlife 
BirdLife Species Champion January 2016-December 2020 
Raymond Casey 
BirdLife Species Champion in legacy March 2018 – December 2020 
Charl van der Merwe Trust 
BirdLife Species Champion for African Penguin  
Cley Spy 
BirdLife Species Champion January 2017-December 2019 
Colombia Co 
BirdLife Species Champion for Canada Warbler September 2017 – December 2020 
The Dennis Family 
BirdLife Species Champions for Lappet-faced Vulture June 2018 – December 2020 
Far South Expeditions  
BirdLife Species Champion September 2016-August 2018 
HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco 
BirdLife Species Champion for Northern Bald Ibis July 2009 – December 2020 

Pamela Isdell 
BirdLife Species Champion for African Penguin  
My Claim Solved 
BirdLife Species Champion March 2017-March 2018 
Peter Oakley 
BirdLife Species Champion July 2007 – July 2016 
The Prentice Family 
BirdLife Species Champions for Dwarf Olive Ibis and São Tomé Grosbeak, Fiscal and Giant Tree Frog May 2011 – December 2016 
Nigel Simpson 
BirdLife Species Champion for Black-breasted Puffleg 
The Sullivan Family 
BirdLife Species Champions for African vultures June 2018 – December 2020 
Uttar Pradesh Bird Festival 
BirdLife Species Champion for Indian Skimmer August 2016-August 2018 
BirdLife Species Champion for Seychelles Paradise-flycatcher and Forest Owlet February 2010-February 2016 

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