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By becoming a member, you will help us to save birds from extinction, support disadvantaged communities in key wildlife spots and help protect vital habitats from the many threats they face today. Will you join BirdLife today? 

Our membership perks

Depending on the level, members receive a welcome pack that includes our BirdLife magazines from the past year, a BirdLife pin badge, a sticker and leaflet detailing bird migration paths.

Your monthly or annual support is a subscription to a global community caring for conservation. Our members are international, and your regular donation goes towards the fight to protect birds and nature.

Additionally, our Rare Bird Club gains access to invitation only webinars and events. 

Image credit: Wandering Albatross © MZPHOTO Shutterstock

Choose your level of support

Feathered friend

Help birds for as little as £4 per month/£45 per year. You will receive a digital package including our quarterly digital BirdLife magazine.


Give £9 per month/£100 per year to help us prevent extinctions of birds and restore nature. You will also receive all our membership perks.


At £20 per month/£240 per year, you will help us plan ahead to protect threatened birds globally. You will also receive all our membership perks.


Pledge more for £42 per month/£500 per year and receive all our membership perks and more.

Gift membership

Give the gift of nature to someone special and depending on the level you choose, they will receive a welcome pack and quarterly issues of the BirdLife magazine.

Rare Bird Club

Join our exclusive Rare Bird Club by giving at a higher level, and join a community passionate about bird conservation

Never miss an update

As a member you will receive our BirdLife magazine four times a year. In each issue you will find stunning images by leading wildlife photographers written by experts in birds and biodiversity, challenging debates on nature, interviews, spotlights on threatened birds and habitats we simply can’t afford to lose, and insight from our Partners in the field. 

Carlos Mario Wagner-Wagner, World Bird Club member since 2018
“Birds are a gateway to the wonderful and magical theatre of nature. Birds bring us closer to nature and make us aware of the global crisis of biodiversity. Through birds we can become aware and act in favour of life on the planet. I am honoured to be a member of the World Bird Club and Director of Colombia Birdfair and support BirdLife International and its partners in the conservation of the world’s birds and their habitats”
“My appreciation of birds was awakened as a teenager, when first encountering the joyful song of Skylarks on a spring camping trip. This experience planted the seed for what became a lifelong love of watching and listening to birds both in the UK and in Europe, especially France and Spain. I’ve been happy to support Birdlife International’s vital conservation work, needed now more than ever.”
Christine Carter, World Bird Club member since 2002
Jezzrishaz Carr, World Bird Club member since 2016
“I have always been fascinated by the uniqueness of birds. Thanks to the hard work of the passionate conservationists in BirdLife, the brilliance of birds will endure for future generations.”

Not ready to become a member?

That’s fine, there are lots of other ways that you can support BirdLife International.

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