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Hope you joined the flock at the 2023 Global Birdfair! Hosted at the Rutland Showground, UK, from the 14-16 July, this years event brought together an array of people from the wildlife conservation community. From world-leading conservationists and adventurers to ground-breaking wildlife filmmakers and authors, the event is not to be missed for anyone with a love of the natural world! So if you missed it, plan on next year!

We are thrilled to continue our long-standing partnership with the Global Birdfair team at this year’s event. Hope you said hello at the BirdLife Partnership stands and learn more about birds at our captivating talks!


BirdLife Team at 2022 Bird Fair by Tony Brindley

BirdLife Programme

From eBird to conservation Friday 14th July, 11am, Osprey Events Stage.

Join the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and BirdLife International for this fascinating insight into how contributing your observations to citizen science platforms like eBird supports bird conservation.

Headline Event: Global Birdfair Opening Ceremony Friday 14th July, 3pm, Osprey Events Stage.

  • Celebrate the opening – officially launch Global Birdfair 2023 with us as we celebrate a second year supporting vital conservation work for birds around the globe.
  • Learn about this year’s amazing Global Birdfair project, protecting birds like the Black-breasted Puffleg in Ecuador.
  • Discover who BirdLife are and why Global Birdfair support them!

State of the World’s Birds – Insights and Solutions for the Biodiversity Crisis Saturday 15th July, 12pm, Avocet Lecture Theatre.

Birds, as barometers for planetary health, can tell us about the overall state of the natural world. While the data paint a deeply concerning picture, with nearly half of all bird species in decline, birds also point the way to the solutions needed to tackle the biodiversity crisis.  Find out more about the State of the World’s Birds here.

Reconciling Birds and Renewable Energy Saturday 15th July, 4.30pm, Avocet Lecture Theatre.

A rapid transition to renewable sources of energy is essential, however, the large-scale development of wind and solar farms, and the associated expansion of power lines, has the potential to significantly impact birds. In this talk, conservation scientist Tris Allinson will explain how BirdLife International is leading global efforts to ensure that renewable energy is developed without harming birds and their habitats.

Fly by the BirdLife International Stand!


Have you ever wondered why twice a year, billions of birds follow the same migration routes, known as the flyways? Or how on earth does the Arctic Tern survive the longest migration in the world, an extraordinary 35,000km each year! At BirdLife we protect birds wherever they go, including on some of the most epic journeys on the planet. Visit the BirdLife International stand in the Robin Marquee (R45/46) to learn the answer to these questions and get involved!

Save the Chocó-Andes!

This year’s Global Bird Fair will be raising funds to protect one of the world’s most critically important biodiversity hotspots. At the intersection of the Tropical Andes and the Tumbes-Choco-Magdalena in north-western Ecuador, lies the Chocó-Andes. This wet, mountainous region hosts an array of stunning threatened endemic birds. This includes Black-breasted Puffleg – a small species of hummingbird that may number just 150 mature individuals – Great Green Macaw and the enigmatic and rarely seen Banded Ground Cuckoo – all of which are considered Endangered. To learn more, do visit our Ecuadorian partner, Aves y Conservación, who describe the project in detail here.

Now, more than 40 Ecuadorian organizations, government institutions, communities and businesses are teaming up to conserve and restore large tracts of forest in this region. The funds raised at the Global Bird Fair will make all the difference in protecting this special forest and all the people and wildlife that live here.

You can make a difference by clicking the link below!