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    Electric Cooker Installation

    electric cooker installation

    When it comes to electric cooker installation, it is crucial to choose the right place for the appliance. Make sure there is sufficient room on all sides and behind the cooker, as well as enough space around the appliance. Ensure there is a good supply of ventilation, and remove anything flammable. Before you start installing your electric cooker, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. You should also make sure the space is clear of electrical wires and other equipment.

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    Wiring an electric cooker is a tad tricky, so you should call an electrician for assistance. The wiring requirements will vary from one cooker to the next, so it’s important to know which wires need to be connected to which. Ensure there are two meters between the appliance and the control panel, and avoid positioning it directly below the cooker. Also, some cooker control units come with neon lights to indicate when the unit is turned on or off. Heat-resistant cables with 2.5 mm thickness are adequate for most domestic scenarios. Commonly sold varieties come with three wires: two core and earth.

    When wiring an electric cooker, make sure to check the wiring in the appliance’s terminal box. The terminal outlet box is located about halfway up the back of the cooker. It is covered with an unscrewable plate and used to connect the live, neutral, and earth wires. The blue neutral wire is placed on the left, the brown live wire on the right, and the green and yellow earth wires are in the centre. Make sure to tighten all wires before connecting them to the control unit.