How Bad Can It Be?

How Bad Can It Be?

In my last article I wrote why us about how the North Sydney roofing company I had used for our new house needed to move somewhere else. This time it turned out that they were going to be staying until further notice, probably even around the time of the next building project. They sent out a series of builders to our location to help us finish up what we had started. During the course of this time though, three more of their workers were injured while on the job. One of them broke his leg while lifting an external steel support beam. He had to stay in hospital for several weeks, but now he is back at work and already has a replacement under way.


The other two workers had what appears to be permanent metal shavings in their bodies from what appears to be a roofing tile falls. These men are still in hospital, but luckily all looks good for them. The third man is alright but has had a metal wire wrapped around his leg which is keeping him from walking, and which could cause additional problems if he walks or moves around heavy objects. This accident, along with another that another worker had, has now put North Sydney into the spotlight. As one of the nation’s most populated areas, with plenty of government offices as well as huge public transport links, many people wonder how the heavy metal roof tiniest of objects can have such devastating consequences.


A group of emergency services have also been looking into the matter and believe that it may be linked to a large underground power cable that has recently collapsed, causing unprecedented flooding. Because it took so long for emergency services to respond, many residents were understandably worried about their homes when this happened. Now that the authorities have all of the information they need, hopefully they will be able to offer an explanation as soon as possible. North Sydney roofing specialists, along with their colleagues at the national roofing association, are now working to put all of the facts into the public eye, hopefully leading to a conclusion about the cause of the flooding, and the subsequent repairs.

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